Proguard Issue

Don’t tell anyone but I use Proguard to Obfuscate my Android apps... With this comes security of my code and prevention of in app billing changes made by malicious “Programmers”.

I ran into something odd today with Proguard. It seems that there is a possibility that when you compile your application multiple times it can lose track of certain changes. When converting from a “Static Final” fields to in-line, it appears that Proguard left the old value in some of the classes using that static field.

I discovered this when I realized my latest version of Cow Plop was not displaying the proper levels available for purchase vs. unlock-able levels.

To fix this issue

I deleted the bin folder before compiling using Proguard. The more and more I develop with Eclipse and Proguard, the more I think it would be a particularly good idea to delete the bin folder for every build.


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