Level Design Tools

 While creating Cow Plop I was faced with difficulty of creating a system for loading levels and further more creating those levels. In Squidz level design could be done mathematically and had no real issue with creating a system for loading new levels, only new skins. In Cow Plop however, there are 3 types of platforms, a target, a launch (the cow) and collectibles. To accomplish this I used simple XML files to keep track of positioning as parameters to the jbox2d world. The physics engine does the rest.

The levels could  then be loaded. At first I began to write these out by hand. This was obviously very tedious, and after I got passed the first level I decided to implement an in game level editor. I attached the drag drop ability to all objects in the game in edit more, and not just the platforms.

I then created a menu option to select a list of objects to add to the world, they all appear at the same location and I then can try the level in its current state, then I can retrieve the XML file from the game and put it into the resources for the game.


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