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It has been a year since Squidz first released and I was trying to get people to download it while standing in the Hall H line at Comic Con. Squidz has been downloaded over 20,000 times and enjoyed for much longer periods of time that I had originally expected visible through Google Analytics for Android. 

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The game being free helped it reach this number, but I feel it is pretty good for having little to no promotion other than a blog post here and there.

Today Squidz hit YouTube just like its brother and sister apps. After making a large update to the AD system because of Google telling me they will eventually no longer server AdSense ads to my Android apps without using AdMob, I descided to make a few updates to the stability and optimizations of the game. With these large changes it got me to think about what I have not done for Squidz that I had done for CowPlop and Enliven.

I went back to the promotional material in Android and looked at what could be done. First I noticed the face that we were only using 2 screenshots instead of the new maximum of 8. Then I also saw new countries the app could be downloaded in. Finnally I found that there was no YouTube video attached.

This called for me to make some large changes and put in place the YouTube video attached to this post as well as all these screen shots.



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