#EatABit - Retro Platformer

Eat all the bits! Pixel art at its culinary best! Eat a bit is a retro 8-bit themed game where the player eats food to unlock awesome hats and skins! Combo hot sauce with many foods to gain score multipliers! This retro platformer is an arcade style jumping adventure.
Put together your strategy to climb the pixels and bits. Eating your way to the top, Jumping to collect Hats and Skins. Create epic combos and break the records against your friends. Use Google Play Game Services to link your score with your friends. 
Love retro games? Well its time to Eat a Bit. Collect 8-bit hats and skins after jumping up platforms and collecting food. Love to get the high score? want to combo your way to the top of the leader-boards? Love platformers from the old days? 

Advanced tips:
Combo-breaker is when your 8-bit character becomes smaller. Landing the combo breaker is the key to getting a high score. Combos are increased any time you collect 10 items of food without landing. Use the retro hot sauce to climb higher. Combos are lost if you do not land on a platform!

If you want new features use the hash tag #EatABit on twitter and I respond pretty quick. The 8-bit theme was run to work with and I might make a few more games in the future like this.

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Have yourself a Bit of a Food time ;)

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