Enliven Colorblind Aid iPhone, Android, Augmented Reality

Enliven Colorblind Aid

Enliven is a real time Augmented Reality Aid that allows a colorblind user to see their color blind color in a color that is not confusing. Enliven also poses the ability to simulate colorblindness so people who are not colorblind can see what the user would see normally.

Enliven is available for iOS and Android

Rubik's Cubes are not Colorblind Friendly

In this video I solve one side of a Rubik's Cube using Enliven to show me the difference between Red and Green on the cube. Since Red and Green appear to be the same color on a Rubik's cube for a colorblind person, Enliven helps by showing the difference between the two colors.

Colorblind Tests and Enliven

Using Enlivens share feature you can send 3 way comparisons to your friends. Below is an example of a colorblind test shown through the Simulator and the Highlighter.


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