Cow Plop Portal Thoughts

We are working on Cow Plop Portal currently to be our next Android game. This will be another free game with 15 levels, and a DLC pack of 45 levels for 99 cents. From testing we gathered that the levels need to be easier than we originally planned. Having movable platforms and portals has proved to be more complicated than the average user would like. So instead we are going to try something different. This time around we will only make the player judge where on the gauge they should shoot the plop, and we will remove the difficulty of figuring out where the platforms should be before launching the plop. Given the complexity of the portals it may be an overly complicated game otherwise.

Judging from Squidz success we may try a simplicity first model and use feedback on to find out where we need to ad complexity.

An interesting thing on Android Market that we just noticed is the number of ratings is now displayed with the app, and not only the the overall average.

Android Market Screenshot
From Jun 30, 2011


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