Friday, August 30, 2013

Enliven Colorblind Aid iPhone, Android, Augmented Reality

Enliven Colorblind Aid

Enliven is a real time Augmented Reality Aid that allows a colorblind user to see their color blind color in a color that is not confusing. Enliven also poses the ability to simulate colorblindness so people who are not colorblind can see what the user would see normally.

Enliven is available for iOS and Android

Rubik's Cubes are not Colorblind Friendly

In this video I solve one side of a Rubik's Cube using Enliven to show me the difference between Red and Green on the cube. Since Red and Green appear to be the same color on a Rubik's cube for a colorblind person, Enliven helps by showing the difference between the two colors.

Colorblind Tests and Enliven

Using Enlivens share feature you can send 3 way comparisons to your friends. Below is an example of a colorblind test shown through the Simulator and the Highlighter.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Comic Con 2013 Thursday

Sorry I did not get a lot of pictures because I spent a lot of time in Hall H.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Comic Con Preview Night 2013 Pictures

The awesome and colorful Godzilla building. As we walked by this impressive display we noticed the constant noises radiating out from 

Found this reference to breaking bad mixed with Dexters Laboratory. I Found it hilarious.

Breaking Bad Bobble Heads.

Me Playing Knack on the PS3

The Awkward placement of the Sony and Microsoft Booths.

An arial view of the Sony and Microsoft Booths.

A Dracula display on the way into the con.

My Pro badge got us in before everyone else. IT was epic to see the place before it flooded with people.

Someone playing Knack on the PS4

Arthas statue at the Blizzard Booth

Diablo statue at the Blizzard Booth

I did not know they made the exteriors of modern cars out of metal anymore..

And the crowd becomes unbearable.

Now slowed down to a crawl, I am able to take a break and make a panoramic of the Comic Con crowd.

Walking Dead jain display


Enders Game Tent. I have yet to enter but I will try to do so tomorrow!

PS4 Controller FIrst Impressions - Comic Con Preview Night 2013

PS4 Controller First Impressions

Tonight I got to play Knack at the PS4 booth at comic con. I wanted to first note the confrontational positioning of the XBone and PS4 booths as depicted in the following images:

The Feel of the controller:

First I want to note that the handles on the controller are much more round than before. It feels like I am holding the end of a shovel rather than the original partially angular feel from the PS3 controller. The new handle to the controller would be fine if my ring finger were not moved toward the back of the controller. After playing Knack through most of the demo I found that my right ring finger had started to hurt a bit due to the pressure that I assume is related to the less angular, more cylindrical handles. The trigger and analog sticks felt much better than the old controller. They seemed to have a tighter feel to them with more resistance on the analog sticks and a much faster recoil on the triggers.

The Texture of the controller

While playing Knack I began to notice the tighter grip I had on the Analog stick. It seems to be because of the material used to cover the sticks and the triggers is much like my G5 Mouse. They have a velvety/rubbery feel that provides good traction but my G5 mouse seemed to ware down quickly and I fear the same for the PS4 controller. It feels great now, but the material they used (if the same as the G5) might lose that velvety feel for a slick or stick feel later down the line.


I feel like the PS4 Controller was designed around first impressions however I am eager to find out what people think after a 6 month period of use. Will the new design be more ergonomic? Will the materials used wear quickly? Will the strength of the Analog Sticks and Triggers persevere after many hours of use? All in all I did like the improvements made, but I did not like the feel of the handles.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cross Promoting Within Apps

When creating apps I have always wondered what the best way to cross promote would be. I have tried embedding ads for my apps in the ads displayed in apps. I did not see much of a traffic increase. Another thing I've tried is creating an “Other Apps” button and linking directly to Android Market, and the AppStore. I think the presentation is poor, so I am going to try using this blog to host links to the apps.

Android Apps:

iOS Apps:

The presentation should look much better now on a phone.