Journey into Unit Testing: Taming the Dark Sword and Golden Sword

Hello everyone! These past weeks have been quite the adventure as I’ve plunged headfirst into the realm of unit testing in Unity. My mission? To ensure that the weapons in our game - the formidable Dark Sword and the reliable Golden Sword - are performing exactly as they should. I’m excited to share some of the fascinating insights from this journey! The task seemed straightforward initially: set up tests to verify the damage output of our weapons. But, as any developer knows, the devil is in the details. The challenge was not merely in writing the tests, but also in setting the stage. We started by creating the context for these tests using TestableTime and PlayerPrefs, mimicking the game's state as closely as we could in a controlled environment. Instantiating our weapon and enemy prefabs, we began to simulate combat scenarios that our players would experience. The first contender was our Golden Sword, the default weapon. Our goal here was to confirm that it doesn't possess any extra abilities or effects - it's the reliable standard for our players. The tests were designed to confirm the damage dealt by the Golden Sword matched our expectations, and I'm pleased to report, it passed with flying colors! Next up was the more powerful Dark Sword. Known for its enhanced damage capabilities, testing this weapon was crucial. Our players need a palpable sense of the sword's potency when they choose it, and the tests were all about guaranteeing that. By setting the PlayerPrefs and manipulating the in-game context, we were able to simulate scenarios where the Dark Sword outshone the Golden Sword in terms of damage, just as we designed it to. This process of unit testing has been incredibly insightful. It's helped me understand the importance of rigorous testing in game development and how it directly impacts the player's experience. Unit tests enable us to maintain a high standard of quality while also allowing us to identify and rectify any glitches swiftly. As I continue to work on refining and expanding our game's mechanics, unit testing remains a constant companion, ensuring that our weapons and mechanics perform consistently and offer our players the immersive and exciting experience they seek. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to forge ahead in our game development journey! Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and as always, happy coding! Watch the video here:


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