Solo Game Dev Check-list for a traditional Software Developer

So I have been thinking a lot about working on games in my free time and doing solo development... I also recently read the checklist manifesto. I have been incorporating many new checklists in my day job... now it seems that my hobby development is also taking this turn...

If you are a software developer by trade here is my top level checklist for you.. Please give me feedback on it, maybe your suggestions will end up on the blog and I will update it for you as well!

  • Build 3 prototypes and get other people to pick what they like the most
  • Iterate on each prototype 3 or 4 times with feedback from other people
  • Buy your art
  • Build a few levels then automate level generation
  • Don't do Ads, Sell the core game after creating a procedural generator for content updates
  • Spectacle, Narrative, Mechanics pick 2 to focus on, drop the other.
Tell me what you think, What am I missing. I want this checklist to be only 6 items long so if you suggest an update, what should I replace too.


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