Cow Plop is finally on IOS!

First thing is first... the link:
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Carolann and Chris finally got Cow Plop on iOS!

It was a pain but we made it. I was getting so used to waiting that I thought it would be getting re-reviewed forever.

When we decided to convert the Android version to iOS we decided on Unity. We completed the game in Unity3d and published it on Google Play.

Then I wanted to use xCode to see if it would build and we learned that Unity wont work on the iPhone Emulator in xCode, so that it when the escaped began.

First Week

First we thought about getting an iPad to test on but decided against it because it would not be with us all the time so we gave up and get iPhone5s which we had to wait for for 2 weeks.

Week 2... of waiting

I then was not able to publish to the phone without becoming an iPhone dev and paying the $100. We wanted to register as Deadly Apps so we initiated the process.

Apple requires a DUNS number for creating the account so I registered for one. That took 6 weeks.

Week 8... of waiting

We then found out that registering as a business does not work for Sole Proprietorship. With our plans shot and 6 weeks wasted we gave in and registered under my name.

After some time developing IAP plugins in xCode we were then ready to publish.

Week 9... of waiting

First submission took another week to get reviewed and was rejected because we did not include the In App Purchases with the assembly for review. (there is a tiny button in iTunes connect)

Week 10... of waiting

The second submission was finally accepted after another week.

Now that its published... I was told I am lucky it went so fast.

My point being that of the 10 weeks of waiting to publish on iOS, Android was about 30 minutes for the whole process. When speaking about agile development... this could be viewed as catastrophic. At this point  I expect to be able to make 1 release a week for iOS in which time I will have done multiple release for Android.



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