Colorblind Aid / Simulation

Today I got an email from someone asking for some upgrades to the Colorblind Aid and Sim that I call Enliven. I also found a neat little bag of rice in my house that had some bad colorblindness issues.

The request was to add a flashlight and a zoom so the application could be used a little easier. Below is a bag of rice with a red and green logo in the center. In the simulation it shows up virtually black and white in distinction. I notices that without the new light it was getting a lot of ambient light from the red-ish lights effecting the application.

The light brightened up the colors allowing the application to make a very prominent distinction between red and green. This is a picture taken of the app on my Nexus One. The first picture shows the application with the aid, and the second picture shows the application with the simulation turned on.

This is the comparison shot from the applications share button with the Aid turned on.

This is a screenshot from the application with the simulation turned on.

Hope this is helpful to people! 


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