Comic Con 2012 Thursday Displays

My wife in front of the Adventure time downtown display.

There was a large display of a number of bat mobiles.

Here is the line to Starbucks... out the door and around the corner.

Game of Thrones banners.

Some shop displays as you enter the hall. 

put your face the the bottom of the tank to get a royal treatment you will never forget.

Tin Tin

Dexter banner.

I robot life sized head in the 3d Blueray case.

GI Joe Motor Cycle

Light Saber Lamps

Starwars outfits.

Game of Thrones action figures.

Some Mass Effect banners.

Sand Man wall

Resident evil poster attacking walking dead banner...

Was not expecting the Coma display at Comic Con. After walking around the large banner.
 I discovered there was much more to the experience than I thought.

People getting fake stitches then green screening their coma victim status.

Over at the Sega area I found sonic.

Also the new Alien game was there with this awesome display. After watching thegame for a few minutes I was extremely disapointed as the aliens animations are very ridged and un-natural.

Another Elisium display

Revolution display.


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