Comic Con 2012 Preview Night Crowds

As we arrived at Comic Con we noticed the crowd was much larger than last year. They must be selling many more tickets for preview night than ever before. Which was expected but feared.
This is one of the bags given to us at badge pickup. Pacific Rim is the one I received.

The first line to get into the convention floor was full by the time we arrived. We were redirected to another line by Ballroom 20. This was a blessing in disguise because they let us in right at the video game section meaning we did not have to wade through crowds to get there. 

This is part of the Ballroom 20 line to get into the convention floor. Massive number of people. 

Notice the truly pitiful True Blood banners above the lines. Now witty tag line or anything. Just the quote "The Stakes Are High". Ehh.. what ever.

And thus we enter the Gaming section / Independent Art section of the floor!


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