Comic Con 2012 Preview Night

Comic Con 2012 has started! I will post a number of blog posts on costumes, displays, and other things at the con. This is the first post with a number of pictures of our entry into the comic vortex.
Trolley car branded with the show "Branded" interesting images and a lot of detail.

On approach to the convention, there is a new parking lot food court by Petco Park... and a comic themes Norton antivirus truck.

The most interesting temporary building in the food court by far is the Django unchained food building. It was still under construction but I believe they will be serving tacos. I plan on at least checking it out when its complete.

Approaching Comic Con from Petco Park has a new awesome bridge that they began building either 2010 or 2011. This made it much easier to get to the con without running through traffic.

Here is the Hall H line from afar with the Twilight fans already in line. I will note that the person who was at the front of the line last yet (and was given breakfast by the cast) had yet again the same position in line.

Alien invasion bus.

A picture of San Diego from the convention center.

Another tv themed bus. 


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