Comic Con 2012 Fortnite Panel

Exclusive Fortnite panel for Comic Con.

First the swag at the door:

Unreal Engine 4 sticker:

Fortnite Cardboard hat

Durrr Burger t-shirt

Fortnite is a coop sandbox scavenging building combat game. The theme of the game is to build forts and defend them while editing the structures. 

Fortnite is mainly built around coop. The idea is to do something other than Gears of War, and allow players to cooperate and build together.

Upgrades allow the player to modify weapons. For example the crossbow so far is upgradable from a single dart, to a three dart, to a electric trap, to a tight rope you can use to walk accross building rooftops.

Unreal Engin 4 will be used to create Fortnite. Fortnite will be a PC exclusive.

Fortnite is in part inspired by pixar, disney etc... Fortnite will be a very colorful and cartoony game.

UE4 has a whole new lighting model to make the cartoon look really good. After watching the demo video the lighting model really makes it look good for real time animation.

Watching game play now, the character is chopping down trees, then building very customized buildings. The house gets built before night comes, then a creature destroys it.Then they rebuild a house as a castle that looks like "kings landing"

Possible Easter egg in Fortnite... Needle in haystack.


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