Develop the game. Get it out. Keep them happy.

This post will bring you from concept to release of a game using agile and lean approaches to get get a relatively large number of users in a small amount of time. Then keeping your users happy when you get them. Games you create can make it out to market and start generating at least a small amount of money. I originally created this process for other people to use when I decided to present it at the So Cal Agile Open 2011. At the time of this post my wife and I have 3 games on Android market as well as an Augmented Reality app used to Aid Colorblind people. I am the only programmer and she is the only artist. Collectively our apps have over 60,000 downloads, and we used the methods described here to get there.

In the next parts to this series I will go over the following topics to get you from the concept of a game to its release and to continue keeping all your users happy. I will add the new section once per day in this series.

  • Concept
    • What you should and should not do when planning your game
    • What is acceptable
  • Platform
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Unity
    • etc... Who do you pick?
  • Development
    • What are the common pitfalls of small shop game dev
    • How do you get your game out there and not give up
  • Release & Testing
    • Who will see your game before your users do?
    • How will you release and protect yourself?
  • Getting users and marketing
    • Twitter
    • Blogs
    • How will they hear about your game?
  • Analytics
    • Know your audience
    • Figure out the best way to keep them happy
  • Monetize
    • Make some money.
    • How will your efforts pay off?
  • Keeping users happy....
    • When its all said and done what will they say about you?

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