Game Dev Concept

Starting with an interesting idea can motivate you intitally. literally anything will have an audience. For example our game Cow Plop is a cow pooping on a unicorn in a physics style game-play. However you must be willing to give up your idea mid process too.

When people initially start a game project on their own they typically start with a concept based around non game play related aspects of games. For example artwork, a genre or a generic type of game is selected with an initial excitement that may burn out over the course of the project. Someone starting a game that wants to build a first person shooter with all the latest graphics will have fun at first, but quickly they will see why companies spend millions to billions on game creation. It may be a better approach to think about game-play first and expect to adjust your idea as you go. Your game may change during development either due to time constraints, technical issues, or boredom with the idea you initially put together. You may make a random and cool feature during your development that could provide better game-play than the original idea. This would cause you to re-evaluate your idea. I feel it is best to take an agile approach and be ready to change your game-play and artistic direction as you go. For artwork I recommend using shapes and colors instead of final art initially. Since you want to make a game on your own, chances are that you love games. This means that if you are more excited over how fun a bug you introduced is to play around with it is safe to assume so will your potential users. You are your own customer and you most likely should change your mechanics to fit anything that is more fun to you.

Ultimately it is ok to have a goal in mind. My advice is to keep that goal in mind only as long as it helps you complete your project. Don’t feel pressured by your goal to the point where you are unwilling to change it at the cost of completing your game.


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