Squidz Update Released

The new update for the free Android Game Squidz! has been put up on Android Market. There is a shiny new main menu will the ability to follow us on twitter and view this blog, as well as the link to other apps on the market and the help screen. I do plan in a future update to add the animated puffer fish in the background as the user is looking at the menu, and maybe turn it into a live wallpaper as well.

A new font has been added to the score board and points animations to better fit the theme of the game. Again I plan on using this font in the high score screen in a later date. The font is called 3dumb by Tension
The new font created by Michael Tension really helps display the score of the player and adds a more fun feel than the original font defaulted for Android. The font can be found at http://www.dafont.com/michael-tension.d1949


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