Spacefleet Sensor Free Android Market Update

A new version of the Intergalactic Spacefleet Sensor has been released!!! We have done a major overhaul to the app. Most notable is the awesome alien that is in the center of the screen. Late last month we released an update with a concept alien but when we got the official artwork in we were very happy with the results. We are considering a number of alien avatars that a person can have to place in the app

We made some changes with the Audio synthesis. In the future we will include the old algorithm as well but we felt that this version of the sound fit more with this avatar. The noise is still very strange, enough so that you can still startle your friends with the app if you catch them off guard.
We also changed the icons used to initiate the canned phrases. We will eventually replace these with better looking icons. Finally we changed the way the particals work when touching the screen. They still come from the users finger, but now we see them fly quickly away, similarly to a child blowing bubbles. Again we will ad some customization features later but for now you can have fun with our first avatar the alien!

Enjoy Spacefleet Sensor Free and visit our part of the Android Market and try some of our other apps too!


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