Android App Development First Impressions

After doing some development on the old Windows Mobile platform using the .Net framework and C# to do my development I eventually became fed up with the speed of my windows mobile phone. I then went back to my archaic flip phone for a number of years and now I have purchased a Nexus One. My mobile app development itch grew again until I broke down. After installing development tools that I thought had left me when I finished college (eclipse w/ Java) I proceeded to read through documentation. Android’s set of tutorials are very different from that of Microsoft. Instead of the simple to understand set of videos and copy and paste tutorials I found that all that was available to me were some broad overview tutorials, forum posts, and the Android developer’s extensive libraries. I felt that my initial start was very slow, constantly running into documentation and forum posts that were no longer relevant with the current version of android.
Once I did gain momentum I found it very easy to dream up ideas for apps. The app I have currently in the works was conceptually born out of mathematical error. I hope to reveal it to the world in the next coming weeks.
Overall the lack of a developer community for Android is very painful but with that sparse community there is a large amount of opportunity with a not so saturated app marker like that of the iPhone.


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