Indie Game Development with a Full Time Job

Each day when I get home, I go to the mail box, find all my bills, go kiss my wife, pay the bills, and then think about the game development I want to work on. The problem is when I get home I am already exhausted from a full day’s work. Typically if I need energy I will take a nap that will keep me going into 1am working on whatever it is that I want to work on. The problem is lately I have wanted to just play a game or two to unwind after work. It’s very difficult to stay focused for 8 hours then expect to stay focused for another 6. Creating an indie game while you could be relaxing after a hard day’s work takes a lot of mental control.
Here are the 3 things that I think about when I try to get back on track:
1. 1. If this game succeeds I could make this my full time job. - Over all if you like game development better then what you do at work, but don’t want to work under the extreme conditions of a big developer, this could be your way out.
2. 2. Creating this game will be a great accomplishment. Doing this work now will be rewarding in many facets of my life, but it will be rewarding with the valuable experience I get doing the work. – For example being a programmer, I have learned a lot of Optimization techniques that I can apply to my other development.
3. 3. Our game idea is just itching to get out there. – The idea that people could be enjoying your game right now is very powerful. During our trial runs with NishaNisha we repeatedly had included in our feedback… When can we have more?
After passing through those items I am typically ready to build faster. It leaves me with a desire to see the game evolve into a masterpiece enjoyed by the people who want to play it.


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