Back into the game!

Earlier this year I was working on a new XNA game. I then took a break from game programming to graduate college with a BS in Computer Science, get married, buy a house. As my team gets back into the original game I will be working on a new one. So far we have an early alpha demo up and running, as well as a development schedule and concepts going.

After an extremely long hiatus, I am getting back into game programming. I have a big urge to do some cool stuff. Last night I have begun to work on the Game State Management or for a simple definition: “Menus”. Once a demo is available for publishing I will be putting a small beta out as well as youtube videos to promote the game a little.

Following the game state management we will be working on the Story mode and the Randomly Generated score attack mode. This will be an exciting project and I hope it is successful.


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