Writers Block

It seems that I have hit a creative writer’s block of epic proportions. My music writing has come to a dead stop with my lack of musical motivations. My ideas for software have become easier for me to reject each day, with an excuse of that will never sell or that won’t help anyone. My game programming is on hold while I wait for artistic resources, I cannot animate very well nor do I have significant artistic skill.

With my free time in the past few months I have written Light Weight Text to Speech located here: http://stack-marketing.com/

I have been reading online a lot and I usually use TTS programs to speed read articles but I don’t like the way they were working in the past so I wrote LWTTS to be able to hit a key on my keyboard and have it read what I just copied back to me, which is nice. I created a trial for it and put it up for sale on my LLC’s website. I imagine people might buy it to read them something that they don’t want to alt tab for, such as a game or something. I know it works great for me, so I’m using it all the time which was my initial intention anyway.

At the moment I am brainstorming ideas for new software because the only thing I can bring myself to do now is write software. It doesn’t really matter what, as long as it’s a challenge, I typically take off with an idea and do something. Hopefully I can land on an idea that I like and use it. Hopefully I can get past my negative criticism and just write something I would like to use.


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