#ShootABit Warp Gates, Wormholes, and Planetary Defense!

Wormhole attack run

 Hey everyone, still building out my roguelike shmup. The first screenshot is our cylinder level, after entering the warpgate you can now enter a wormhole and fighting your way through enemies who also fly along the cylinder. Thinking of trying to get them game onto steam now. I have been spending more time working on the game lately adding story and new mechanics.

Traditional Shmup mode

Second screenshot shows our traditional shmup mode where the perspective is over head instead of the other systems the game has available. People who play seem to really like the new particle effects and gameplay mechanics.

space combat

Still don't know how to market my game, but I am not sure I will pay attention to that just yet. I keep reading online to just continue using social media and then do press releases. In the past press releases have not worked for me but I get some traffic from social media so I will continue to flounder in the marketing space.


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