Speed Reader Free Python Open Source Learning Utility

As an auditory learner I wanted to learn quickly and retain the information without spending a lot of time studying. I wanted to make this sort of capability available to anyone. I found that listening to information I was studying made me retain it much better than reading it. I also found that speeding up the reading did not cause any further difficulty. With the Speed Reader I can accomplish these goals and so can you! (if you are an auditory learning) but give it a shot anyway :)

In college my now father in law was using a text to speech program and talking about how he can listen to books at 500 WPM and recommended it to me. It was a pivotal point in my education because I realized I could listen & read a document at 500 words per minute and internalize the information. I began to receive better grades and was able to get ‘A’ letter grades on tests composed of 3 months of materials by listening for 2 hours. I later wrote a speed reader for myself that I used for 10 years and now I felt like it was time to write an updated version in python. I suggest trying it at low speeds first, then increasing the speed as you feel comfortable. Start at 200, and increment by 25 each time you use it until you find that your level of understanding is decreasing then take it slower till you reach 500 WPM.
I believe if you are an auditory learning this tool can be massively helpful to you.


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