Comic Con Preview Night 2013 Pictures

The awesome and colorful Godzilla building. As we walked by this impressive display we noticed the constant noises radiating out from 

Found this reference to breaking bad mixed with Dexters Laboratory. I Found it hilarious.

Breaking Bad Bobble Heads.

Me Playing Knack on the PS3

The Awkward placement of the Sony and Microsoft Booths.

An arial view of the Sony and Microsoft Booths.

A Dracula display on the way into the con.

My Pro badge got us in before everyone else. IT was epic to see the place before it flooded with people.

Someone playing Knack on the PS4

Arthas statue at the Blizzard Booth

Diablo statue at the Blizzard Booth

I did not know they made the exteriors of modern cars out of metal anymore..

And the crowd becomes unbearable.

Now slowed down to a crawl, I am able to take a break and make a panoramic of the Comic Con crowd.

Walking Dead jain display


Enders Game Tent. I have yet to enter but I will try to do so tomorrow!


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