3d Twitter App in Unity

So my new project as of late has been to build a 3d Twitter application in Unity3d. Sound strange? I think I got my inspiration from a combination minority report and Borderlands 2. I wanted to make a "floating 3d UI" for twitter.

The main menu slides in with a smooth animation and when an option is clicked the menu items slide into place. The OAuth system is a little clunky since you need to go to the twitter site to be able to plug in your credentials but there is nor real nice way around it. Once we create the iPhone version it might be a little nicer because of the auth system built into the iPhone.

 Next I wanted the display of tweets to be awesome. so I came up with a rotator for tweets. The refresh of the rotator will have tiles disappearing and reappearing with new texts/images. Lots of nice things said about the system Hopefully it will look good in the finished product.

Here is a 3d view of the rotator in the editor. The tiles always face the direction of the camera, and the animation from tweet to tweet changes when scrolling through them.
I did however run into technical difficulties with the WWW class in Unity3d and the inability to use the twitter 1.1 api with the built in stuff. So i will most likely be using Twitter4J as a plugin for the android version of the app and once I start the iPhone version there will be a specific implementation there as well. Unfortunate but necessary.


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