Remaking our 2d game in Unity

At this point I was so please with the way Unity handled my Android deployment I have decided to take our most successful game and port it to Unity so we can sell it on the iPhone and even add new features to the Android
The above image is the 3d editor along with the orthographic view. The bottom is the running game and the top is the Unity Designer. Compered to the Android verison using the canvas. It runs faster (because of the Canvas performance vs Open GL). It also makes development much faster. Managing the code in Android for performance has made CowPlop hard to work on to say the least. Now working in Unity I am able to take a very Object Oriented approach. 

More for Cow Plop in the near future.


  1. Oh really!! It is a great news to me because I am game lover. I have played this game more and more time. It is my one of the best game. Kevin Cooper


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