Comic Con 2012 Preview Night Floor Displays

Walking through the con today I got some good pictures of some displays. As I mentioned in a previous post the True Blood banners were really lame. However the Game of Thrones banners are pretty cool. 
 Game of Thrones: I Understand the way this game is played
 Game of Thrones: There are no men like me.

Went to the Assassins Creed 3 movie viewing. The game looks pretty awesome. I am especially impressed with the war scenes they show, then tree maneuvering, and the navy battles.
 The game did remind me however how much we need a new console. It is already starting to look dated for such an awesome looking game.
 Here is a side view of their giant glossy display with red light up lines to mimic the animus in the truth from Revelations.
Pretty awesome huge display from South Park for their new game. 

Transformers display with the T-Rex blowing fire on all the xBoxes lol.

A ground vantage point on the banner above the Transformers booth.

Pretty awesome Zombie statue.

Porter potty monster.

Batman's Motorcycle.

Hover bike near the Loopers display.

Loopers guns on display.

Ninja Turtles display. Pretty wicked.

Darksiders 2 display in front of the playable demo.

A number of figures in a case I passed by.

Warmachines... Looks like World of Warcraft. Even has a group called "Hordes" 

Blurry Batman !

I know this picture is blurry however... what in hells name is Internet Explorer doing at Comic Con?

Alien Marine destroying alien.

Marvels booth this year is as big as it ever was. Every life sized Iron Man costume. Pretty cool.

Green Lantern hanging box thing.

Edward scissor hands in costume from the movie.

Bike from ghost-rider? maybe spawn. Movie Prop. Please correct me in comments.

Want to have a set piece from the original Starwars movies? Fork up $80,000

Actual storm trooper piece. 

Table top game using an IPad Scoreboard. Pretty cool.

Turret blowup doll Portal 2

Batman Display

Watchmen Display


Bam! Lights and everything!

Were going to break into a jail? But why?


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