Visual Studio 11 Rant

The purpose of this post is to rant about the current state of Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview. Right now... as far as I can tell Microsoft is infected with what I will call the metro virus. Not only is Windows 8 not intuitive on the desktop but it is also strange to use on tablets. We are here however to talk about Visual Studio 11. 

Not only have all the icons been "Metroized" but they are now without color. Primarily everything that I seem to click on based on color rather than location has been muted.

Lets take the Solution explorer. Below is a comparison between Visual Studio 2010 and VS 11. When I look to find C# files in folders, I expect to see Green. I have grown to like this easy to find scenario. However in VS 11 as ou can see this MVC application has a Grey @ symbol in the middle of two Square Brackets...

The same goes for all the icons. After using this new solution explorer for a few hours I was incredibly irritated.

Moving on to the file menu. I love the fact that I can pick the browser I want to debug my website in. Even chrome is selected by default which is nice. However finding the stop debug button after you begin running is quite irritating. Not only is the debug button not greed but the stop debug button is not blue.

Finally I want to move to the error screen. I like the new brighter icons for the actual errors and warnings. However it is a pain looking for the buttons you expect to be Red Yellow and Blue. Perhaps now I am reaching a little too far now, but I did find myself thinking about how to filter my errors, then having to actively look for it.

 In short, I would like the new icons and theme is everything still had familiar colors. In fact I don't need a new design for a development platform, at least not one that is so drastically different... Microsoft has been very helpful to its developers... using metro to redesign the place we write code is not helpful.


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