StarChi Released!

You can download here!

StarChi is our new Android game! StarChi barks ninja stars at evil space sushi!

StarChi is the adventure of the Star Chihuahua! Flying through space to defend the intergalactic rainbow from the evil space onigiri! (aka. evil space sushi) StarChi defends the universe armed with ninja star powered bark attacks and space portals. Barking out ninja stars into the portals to defeat the evil space sushi!
1. Watch the power gage for optimal ninja star shooting power
2. Press the ninja star button on the screen
3. Watch the ninja star fly through portal to its destination

Only the StarChi is powerful enough to save the intergalactic rainbow! Aid him in defeating his enemies using the power of portals!
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Use the portals to hit the cookies!

Use the platforms to bounce into the portals!

use ramps to get cool angles.

Collect the cookies to save the universe!

Cookies will be sad if you don't collect them!

StarChi must save the day!

This is the intro button!

Pay attention to the tutorials!


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