Squidz Cute Cartoon Under Water Art Game

Squidz is a mobile app game that features a cute cartoon, in an under water setting. The free android game or google game, contains a game design featuring vivid under water art. The game is designed to challenge the players ability to establish a color matching system. Obtaining a perfect color match will reward the player but not having a perfect color match will result in a penalty.

Well the gameplay in squidz is kinda of a color matching at first. The player touches the targets on the bottom and Squidz moves over the target dropping colored items below him. You get a preview of the colored items so you can anticipate where to move Squidz. Getting the wrong color in the targets will damage your target. If a target dies you will no longer be able to match that color until you have no more targets left.

When game play gets harder in the each level after the first a new item type will start dropping. First is a Mine which will damage your targets. The goal with the items is to prevent bad things from happening or make good things happen. With the mine the play can slash it before it hits the target preventing damage.

Later levels you can slash hour glasses to slow down time which is rapidly increasing over the course of the level.


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