Android Phone Augmented Reality

As I realize how inefficient my old code was in the previous versions of Enliven, I now get a continuous stream of augmented reality ideas, not only do I know now that it is possible to do effective, fast, and interesting AR apps, but it is easy to do. Picture an AR app that dresses everyone around you up in costumes... of course it might crash if you went to comic con.

I really do enjoy programming for the Android platform. I have complained in the past that the garbage collection was slow but it was really my experience with the way that Visual Studio does things that has warped my perspective. Now that I am more in tune with the way Android does things I really believe I have become much more efficient with the way things are done.

Back to augmented reality. Even with the problems with the more popular android phones Droid X and Galaxy S, I have noticed that Enliven is my most used per download application. This means that it is most likely very useful on a day to day basis. Which leads me to believe that both Colorblind users and Designers have been using the application which is awesome. I want to make sure we continue this trend.

I would however like to get Enlivens ratings up. It keeps getting low ratings from people who have Droid X and Galaxy S phones. I need to fix this as quickly as possible. Quality is going to by my main goal from now on.


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