Enliven 1.3 Release

Enliven, an Augmented Reality application for android has released its version 1.3. This upgrade includes the ability to share colorblind photo comparisons to social networks, email or any other Android application.

Enliven has the ability to switch between 6 different color blindness modes which can produce a simulated view for designers and the general public to understand what someone who is colorblind sees. This is especially helpful when putting together video games, website designs, and any imagery of any kind.

The Colorblind Aid allows a colorblind user to see an overlay in a color they are not blind to. This will make the ability for a colorblind person to differentiate between colors they would normally be confused by. For example a Red Green colorblind person would have trouble solving a rubik's cube since they would be confused between the colors red and green. Enliven can produce a bright blue overlay on colors that are red, then the colors that don't have an overlay that look the same would obviously be green.

The 1.3 update for Enliven now allows Android Phone users to share what the Simulation or Aid sees through side by side comparisons. A user can take a picture of something that is not colorblind friendly and send it via the gmail app to any interested parties. In hopes to further educate people around them, colorblind people can now show their friends, and coworkers what they see every day.

Enliven is created by Rev0Lucian
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