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Before I start posting about new songs that I make, I wanted to pay a little tribute to the older ones that existed before I had the motivation to make this blog in the first place. These songs are not as good as some of my newer ones but they still hold water as far as the use of FL studio is concerned. This is mostly a reflection of the past months and a reminder of where I was and where I am now in relation to my music composition skills.

I have never taken any music classes, everything here is self taught through reference on the internet.

First I wanted to bring attention to a song that I felt should have had more attention from my adoring fans, but since I posted 5 in one day when I first started my sound cloud account it did not see as much face time as the others. Robot Rize Dnb was my first attempt at a drum and bass sound with a song. I used a text to speech program to make all “vocals” for the song and threw them into a Fruity Slicer to create the stutter effect with the voices. I then used Sytrus to generate a thick sounding Hypersaw, and finally I used a second Fruity Slicer to chop up a drum loop and turn it into break beat. I am proud of the song and think it was a good first attempt at the DnB genera.

Another Dnb attempted song I got a great response from was Legend of Time, probably one of the most artsy of my songs. The Piano and Orchestral sounds were a split second decision made on a whim. I also used the Numb sound in Sytrus to ass effect and finally I used a screech noise that was also fun. The drums in this one get really good around 2:20

With Robot Rize and Legend of Time though I was not able to achieve a decent bass line, so I set out to improve it with the Dub Step method of wobbly bass. So I wrote a bass line song, that should really only be listened to with a sub woofer called 10 Story Tall Monster. This song is basically a 3x Osc rigged to produce a bass line that can only be listened to correctly on a sub. The drums are again a loop I cut up with a Fruity Slicer.

Legion of Tzeentch is possibly my most listened to song. Right now on sound cloud 43 people have listened to it and 10 have downloaded it. I made the song for a guild theme song when the International Killing Krew played Warhammer Online under the guild name Legion of Tzeentch. It’s a creepy song but it is extremely repetitive. Listen to it half way through and then you can probably stop.

Finally there are my experimental songs that I had made in the very beginning, they are mainly mixes of instruments synthesized by Sytrus. They were pretty much a means for me to learn FL Studio a bit better and get some idea of what I would like to do with my new found love for making music. The first is a 13 minute song called Life Ends, and the second is a 2 minute song called High Tone Short.

Last but not least is the song I blogged about here:
Rev0Lucian: Gamers Epic Battle


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